Everything About Medicare F Plans

Everyone is in a search of that one plan that can pay off most of the out-pocket expenses of Medicare. If you are also one of those, “Your Search is Over”!! Using Medicare Supplement Plan F, you can easily pay nearly all of the expenses, however, the plan is exclusively available for some qualified people only. 


Here, we will provide a complete and clear picture of Medicare Plan F. 

Firstly, let us know what the Medicare Plan F is?

Medicare Plan F is designed to help you to meet your out of pocket expenses that are not covered under Medicare Part A and B. It is one of the standardized Medigap plans which means that these plans are particularly created to provide the same services as Part A and B.

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What All Plan F Covers?

Medicare Supplement Plan F is known to be the exclusive plan that provides coverage of every Medicare Supplement plan benefits.

Know about all the benefits under Plan F with the help of the table given below. “Yes” indicates that Medicare Supplement Plan F does cover a hundred percent of the respective benefit.

Part A coinsurance and hospital costs up to an extra 365 days after Medicare benefits are used up Yes If a person is admitted to a hospital beyond 90 days, he/she will have to pay $682 in coinsurance for every lifetime reserve coverage day they have. Their Medicare benefits will be then used up when he/she runs out of their lifetime reserve days and at that time their Medicare Plan F benefits start.
Part B coinsurance or copayment Yes This particular benefit favours to pay a share of the expense for the covered medical services and that is normally 20 percent of the person’s Medicare-approved amount.
Blood: first 3 pints Yes This particular benefit provides coverage for the provider or hospital expenses.
Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment Yes Well, this will help you to pay the 5% coinsurance of your Medicare-approved amount and avail inpatient respite service and/or a copayment of around $ 5 for every prescription & various pain relief products that you acquire while being under the hospice care.
Skilled nursing facility (SNF) care coinsurance Yes This particular benefit will help you to pay your coinsurance amount for days 21-100 of SNF care that is around $170.50/day for every benefit period.
Part A deductible Yes This plan will pay for your deductible of Part A hospital insurance that is around $1,364 (in 2019) for every benefit period.
Part B deductible Yes This plan provides coverage for the annual deductible of Part B medical insurance that is $185 (in 2019).
Part B excess charge Yes Some providers do not accept the Medicare-approved amount for service coverage and that is why a full payment will charge you more. Medicare Supplement Plan F is a unique plan that provide coverage for this charge.
Foreign travel exchange up to plan limits 80% This benefit comes with a lifetime limit of about $ 50,000 that will help you to pay the expense for some emergency care that you acquire outside the United States after you pay an annual deductible of $250.
Out-of-pocket limit N/A Few of the Medigap plans are also designed with an annual out-of-pocket limit which you must pay off before your plan starts to pay all your expenses for covered services. But this is not applicable in the Medigap Plan F.

Medicare Plan F Plans Rates

Medicare Plan F normally has a high premium out of all other Medigap plans as it offers the most coverage to you. But the premium can be low than other plans when the recipient selects a high-deductible Plan F.

 Plan F Monthly Premium (2018) for 65-Year-Old Male are as follows:

Fort Worth, TX $180 $149
Los Angeles, CA $190 $169
Miami, FL $336 $275

Now you have a comprehensive picture of the Medicare Plan F and this will definitely help you to decide whether you need/need not enroll and avail benefits of Plan F!


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