Top Vitamin D Benefits You Must Know

Vitamin D Benefits

Vitamin D Benefits: Vitamin D that is popularly known as the “sunshine vitamin” is one of the essential vitamins required to a human body. Do you know why it is called a sunshine vitamin? It is because Vitamin D has the ability to be absorbed by a body through the sunlight that keeps every human body healthy.

According to the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements, the major duty of Vitamin D is promoting calcium absorption that makes it essential for bone growth as well as bone remodeling. 

So, the lack of vitamin D can result in thin, brittle, or misshapen bones. However, vitamin D provides a wide range of benefits too. From positives for physical to mental health, you will acquire several health benefits.

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If you do not know, here are some of the top vitamin D benefits you must know about. Thank us later!

health Benefits of Vitamin D

Strengthens Bones

Vitamin D is well-known for its bone-building as well as strengthening benefits. It typically promotes the absorption of calcium in your gut that eventually contributes to the normal mineralization of bones. 

In simpler words, the calcium that benefits your bones would not be able to do its actual job with the absence of vitamin D. 

We all require vitamin D for bone growth as well as to avoid bones from becoming brittle. 

When vitamin D will be mixed with calcium, it will certainly combat various diseases such as osteoporosis. 

Strengthens Muscles

Apart from its bone-building powers, vitamin D also strengthens muscles. The lack of vitamin D in the body eventually increases the possibilities of weak muscles that in turn increases the risk of falls. 

With that being said, Vitamin D is particularly vital for elderly people. It will help in increasing muscle strength that prevents falls that is a common issue leading to substantial disability as well as death in older adults. 

Support Immune System & Fight Inflammation

Vitamin D also builds immunity. It amazingly supports one’s immune system by combating harmful bacteria & viruses. This especially helps during the COVID-19 pandemic. In simpler words, Vitamin D has a particular role in fighting viral infections including influenza & coronavirus. 

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A recent study also proved that vitamin D reduces the risk of acute respiratory infection with either daily or weekly vitamin D supplementation, especially in people who were deficient in it. 

We all know that high latitudes, as well as winter season, are risk factors for both low vitamin D, increased influenza, and other respiratory illness and adverse outcomes. Today, we are seeing the same pattern with higher mortality rates in this pandemic. So, it is the right to rely on vitamin C more than ever before. 

Strengthens Oral Health 

Vitamin D helps our body to absorb calcium. Also, it plays a vital role in supporting oral health as it lowers the risk of tooth decay as well as gum disease. 

Various studies have stated that while the research is scant, there is an “emerging hypothesis” that the vitamin is important for oral health, due to its effect on bone metabolism as well as “its ability to function as an anti-inflammatory agent & increase the production of antimicrobial peptides. 

Prevent Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes 

Although studies are not conclusive, vitamin D can be helpful to prevent both type 1 & type 2 diabetes. Several studies even stated that while vitamin D on its own didn’t effectively lower the possibility of an overabundance of sugar in the blood, a combined daily intake of >1,200 mg calcium and >800 IU vitamin D can efficiently lower the possibility of type 2 diabetes. 

Cure Hypertension

According to studies, vitamin D can potentially treat and cure high blood pressure that is one of the markers of cardiovascular disease. Several other studies also stated that even short-term vitamin D deficiency can increase BP and target organ damage. In addition to this, due to the high correlation between vitamin D and hypertension, vitamin D supplementation therapy can be a new insight into the treatment of hypertension. 

Lose Weight

Obesity is a well-known risk factor for low vitamin D levels that means more vitamin D can amazingly help for weight loss. Several studies have proved that in overweight or obese individuals with low calcium levels, people who took a daily dose of calcium along with vitamin D were more successful losing extra pounds than those who took a placebo supplement. This is particularly due to an “appetite-suppressing effect” of the combination.

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There is more to it; however, the aforementioned benefits are the biggest. Now that you know all the major Vitamin D benefits, increase its intake at the earliest.